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negligencias sanitarias

At León Legal we can advise and represent you if you have suffered any damage resulting from inadequate medical care, medical errors or health negligence. We help you obtain compensation that can repair the damage you have suffered.

Previous experience in the healthcare world allows us to understand medical concepts and offer appropriate advice. Furthermore, in León Legal we have the collaboration of doctors and professionals from the health sector who offer us their help to evaluate the care provided to the patient and the damages suffered both physically, psychologically and financially, whether medical expenses and/or loss of income.

Negotiating to reach an out-of-court settlement with medical professionals and insurance companies before going to trial is especially important.

Work process

In all the specialties in which we provide services, we follow the same procedure to be able to understand the problems that the client poses to us and to be able to offer them the best legal solution.

First date
After a prior initial assessment via telephone call, the interested person is summoned to the office or a video call is made to review the documentation that proves their claim.
Legal viability
An assessment will be made of the viability of the case and the level of trust that the client has in us. If you continue, an order form detailing our services, our fees and the payment method will be sent for your signature.
Constant comunication
Throughout the process there is continuous communication with the client. We deal with people, not cases. Therefore, if we accept a case it is because we accept the responsibility of being available to serve the client.

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We have the ability to identify the emotions that our clients are experiencing in order to help them and provide legal solutions in each of the matters they raise with us. We know how important it is to make a well-researched decision. At León Legal you will find more than a lawyer.

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