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At León Legal we are aware that when the need for a family lawyer arises, because you are in a situation of inheritance distribution, wanting to separate or divorce, how important it is to understand how exactly the client feels at that moment.

separacion divorcio

Separations and divorces

In the case of separations and divorces there is a mix of emotions. Anger at the failure of the relationship, fear of facing the unknown future, often with minor children in charge, and sadness, of course, at losing hope. At León Legal we propose legal solutions based on your needs.

liquidacion gananciales

Liquidation of community property

In these cases, the economic factor is what usually causes long and costly legal disputes. Throughout the process, what is most valued is the accessibility of the lawyer, someone who shows availability, closeness and empathy with your case.



Inheritance management can cause a lot of confusion. In a time of grief, decisions must be made, arrangements must be made, taxes must be settled, inheritances must be accepted and, sometimes, conflicts arise between heirs over the distribution of the inheritance, which usually leads to confusion and fear.

Separations and Divorces

derecho familia en sevilla

What is normally most urgent when there are minor children is to establish paternal-filial relationships. That is establishing a custody, visitation, and alimony regime. Sometimes we request provisional measures prior to filing the claim to ensure the correct exercise of the parent’s rights in the interest of the minors.

The liquidation of the community property and the compensatory pension, if applicable, is the process of dividing and distributing the assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage when it comes to an end, whether due to divorce or the death of one spouse, or even by mutual agreement between the spouses. This part of the process has a special complexity, since it requires, in addition to legal knowledge, negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Inheritances and donations


The role of the lawyer in succession (inheritance) and donation processes is to provide clients with legal advice to ensure the best protection of their clients’ interests while complying with legal requirements within the stipulated deadlines.

At León Legal we give you the confidence you need in this type of process. We are the lawyer you can trust. We will offer you the best advice so that there are no future legal problems.

Protection of people with disabilities

proteccion personas discapacidad

Formerly called the judicial incapacitation procedure, today it is a procedure that aims to protect personal autonomy. It is a fairly simple procedure but it has its specialties that only a lawyer with previous experience masters. It is one of the procedures that is carried out the most by this office.

Work process

In all the specialties in which we provide services, we follow the same procedure to be able to understand the problems that the client poses to us and to be able to offer them the best legal solution.

First date
After a prior initial assessment via telephone call, the interested person is summoned to the office or a video call is made to review the documentation that proves their claim.
Legal viability
An assessment will be made of the viability of the case and the level of trust that the client has in us. If you continue, an order form detailing our services, our fees and the payment method will be sent for your signature.
Constant comunication
Throughout the process there is continuous communication with the client. We deal with people, not cases. Therefore, if we accept a case it is because we accept the responsibility of being available to serve the client.

What are you looking for in a lawyer?

We have the ability to identify the emotions that our clients are experiencing in order to help them and provide legal solutions in each of the matters they raise with us. We know how important it is to make a well-researched decision. At León Legal you will find more than a lawyer.

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