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I am Syrian by birth. I come from a large, close-knit Orthodox Christian family. In Syria, as in Spain, family is very important. I lived my childhood and adolescence in Syria, studying at a secular French school.

At the age of 18 I moved to California to study Business Administration, studies that I combined with several jobs. Once I finished my studies and obtained my real estate agent license, I worked for years in this sector.

I met what is now my wife, she is also Syrian, and we got married and moved to Spain, where my wife’s family runs a nursing home where I joined as administrator.

Why did I choose to be a lawyer?

Many years ago, when I lived in California (USA), I attended a trial and became completely fascinated by the law.

I was impressed to see that a lawyer can defend his clients and win, regardless of the power of his opponents. Even in front of the Public Administration or the State!

I was excited to see that the judge, who is almost like God in his courtroom, listened, attended and took into account the arguments and evidence presented by the defense.

I fell in love with law and promised myself that one day I would be a lawyer.

paul leon abogado

Paul León

I offer you experience, confidence and solution.

I am primarily a family lawyer with experience in listening to the client’s needs, reading their emotions, gaining their trust to offer them the legal solution they need. I am the piece you are missing to achieve success in your legal process.

Having worked for years in a elderly residence, in touch with him administrative staff, doctor and assistant In close contact with the residents and their families, I have been able to see, from the front row, how the concept of family has been changing, posing situations and challenges almost unknown until now.

This experience has allowed me to witness all types of situations and gain in-depth knowledge of the legislation that affects the family. For that reason I decided to specialize as a Family Lawyer.

Juridical services

At León Legal we are specialists in understanding how our clients feel, knowing what happens to them at all times and offering legal answers to be able to face each situation they go through.

derecho familia


We advise you on separations and divorces, inheritances and donations and protection of people with disabilities.

derecho inmobiliario

Real estate law

Specialized in purchase and sale transactions, property disputes, evictions and conflicts in neighborhood communities.

extranjeria nacionalidad

Immigration and nationality

Experts in managing nationality files, in the golden visa, as well as other aspects related to this area.

negligencias sanitarias

Sanitary negligence

We advise you if you have suffered damage due to health negligence to seek compensation to repair the damage suffered.

What are you looking for in a lawyer?

We have the ability to identify the emotions that our clients are experiencing in order to help them and provide legal solutions in each of the matters they raise with us. We know how important it is to make a well-researched decision. At León Legal you will find more than a lawyer.

Who is available
Who is transparent
Who lives in
real live
That you trust him

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León Legal is the first step to a change in your life, it is “the missing piece.”

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